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Personal Appearances & Fundraising Charity Auctions by the YUUUP! Man Dave Hester from Storage Wars

Why Choose Dave Hester?

Charity and fundraising are Dave’s specialty. Dave was featured on A&E’s hit show “Storage Wars,” and he will use his “Celebrity” to make your auction the most engaging portion of your event. You will get the "YUUUP" man Dave from Storage Wars and Dave Hester Auctioneer. Dave is fun, exciting, and energetic; he will keep your nonprofit mission front and center to encourage attendees to bid their hearts out.

Dave doesn’t simply show up and conduct your auction. He provides nonprofit organizations and those in need of raising funds with exciting and fun auctions with high community involvement. We advise, strategize and help you create an environment that will ignite and inspire generosity. We will be there alongside you to help create an atmosphere for giving for your event. We are committed to exceeding your goals and making your event fun and engaging. That is what truly sets Dave apart from “other” auctioneers.


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