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Why Choose Dave Hester?

Feeling overwhelmed? Moving, downsizing, or selling family assets? Dave Hester Auctioneer offers a professional estate service that will handle your items with integrity and care while generating the maximum dollar for your property. When it comes time to sell your items, you have a few options: cash buyout, estate auction, or estate sale. We work with private parties as well as professional fiduciaries and estate, trust, or probate attorneys.

Dave offers:

  • Free consultation. Dave will meet you on-site or review photographs of your items
  • Based on our years of experience, we research and evaluate each item to determine a fair market value
  • With the commitment to the client's complete satisfaction, we help to choose the best way to liquidate your property

This method is best if you are under time constraints and looking for a quick and easy transaction, need to sell your items in one sale, and want to avoid the cost and time of hosting an estate auction or estate sale. Dave will make you a cash offer for one piece or for the entire contents of your home. It's that simple! We offer same-day cash offer and removal in most circumstances.

Estate Auctions
A great way to get top dollar for your property in a timely manner is to host an Estate Auction. Dave is a bonded auctioneer with 35 years of experience. We have one of the largest buyer databases in Southern California and 200,000+ followers on social media.

Dave handles everything:

  • Auction advertising and promotion
  • Setting up the auction site
  • We conduct live or online auctions. Dave Hester will be your actual auctioneer (we don’t hire subcontractor auctioneers.)
  • Fast settlement and payment
  • Trash hauling services for unsold items

Estate Sale
If you're not under time constraints and would prefer to get the most value for your items holding an estate sale is for you. Our team of professional estate sale experts will come to your home and conduct an estate sale on-site.

Dave handles everything:

  • Advertising and promotion
  • Staging the estate sale and pricing
  • Conducting the sale over the course of one or several days
  • Fast settlement and payment
  • Trash hauling services for unsold items
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