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Offering Full-Service Auction Sales, Appraisals and Other Services

Through the services provided by Dave Hester, you can enhance the value of your auction items and event. Through his decades of proven experience, he is the perfect auctioneer you can get for your upcoming event.

Dave is a bonded and insured auctioneer with California Bond Number 70759390, $2,000,000 General Liability Policy, and $1,000,000 in professional liability insurance and Workman's Comp.

Why Choose Dave Hester As Your Auctioneer?

Dave Hester has a likable character that every auction-goer loves. He has been featured on A&E’s hit TV show, “Storage Wars,” so he knows how to engage a crowd. Dave is also a bilingual auctioneer, he speaks English and Spanish.

Dave also doesn’t just sell; he can also teach you valuable knowledge in buying and selling various merchandise. His skills and expertise can help you achieve your highest potential gain as you navigate the auction industry.


Get Expert Auction Assistance

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